Squishmallow Heroes - Kirk the Detective Koala 16 inch

Squishmallow Heroes - Kirk the Detective Koala 16 inch

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Kirk the Koala - Police Officer/Detective

Three cheers for Detective Kirk! He helps teach other mallows on the force how to help in times of crisis. When mallows have a problem and need a helping hand, Kirk is the koala for the job! He knows that it can be scary to talk to people in uniform so he tries extra hard to be friendly and fair. With Kirk on the case, you don't have to fear.


Squad up

Squishmallow plush toys are on the way to fill your hearts with love and affection. Since 2017, the Squishmallows™ and Squishy Squooshems collections have offered comfort, support, and warmth as couch companions, pillow pals, bedtime buddies, and travel teammates. No need to feel alone, you’ll have a buddy for the movies, the bedtime stories, the laughs and more!

Kellytoy has created a line of loveable buddies made from super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester (and they’re easily washable).

Time to put Squishmallows on your squishlist, because the squad can’t wait for the company and cuddles. 


Award-Winning Cuteness

- 2019 National Parenting Product Awards Winner

-Creative Child Magazine - 2019 Plush Toy of the Year Award

-2019 Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner

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